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Leah Lilly Commissions

My commission list has been closed for some time now due to the fact that we thought we'd be moving our family out of state. Things are on hold with that for now, but I feel like I need to run my commission list differently so as to feel more prepared to take on whatever life is sending my family and me without worrying that I have several months worth of commitments to complete first. I've decided that starting sometime in November, I will be opening up only a manageable number of spots at a time. I will determine a date upon which the spots will open up and post that about a week ahead of time so everyone will have a chance to realize it's coming up and get their fair shot. I think this will make things easier for everybody as those wanting their dolls customized won't have to wait indefinitely on a long list for their turn to come up. I will also post some general information regarding pricing and procedure that will hopefully answer many questions ahead of time. I really prefer to keep things as casual as possible - this is what I love to do. But I have to find ways of making my time more efficient as well. There have been some busy times over the past year or so and I really appreciate all the patience that my friends have shown while waiting for their doll's turn to visit. If you would like to reserve a spot for your doll to come see me, watch this page or my Flickr photostream to be notified that reservations are opening up. I have some projects in the works in the meantime that I will be endeavoring to finish. Please stay tuned. ;0)