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Doll Face Ups by Leah Lilly

News regarding my face up services...
I have not been accepting commissions for some time now due to the fact that my family and I have moved for my husband to take a new job and we bought a house that required complete renovation. While the renovations are still underway, I do plan to return to taking commissions in time. For now, I have to admit, my poor dolls are getting tired of sitting in a box out of the way of all our dust. For this reason, I am opening up a short time of accepting inquiries for anyone interested in adopting any of my personal dolls. I can't guarantee which ones I will and won't be able to part with, but I'm open to discussion on any. Just email me. This might seem like an odd way to go about it, but going through the process of deciding which to keep and which to send traveling is too tough. Most all of them are here on Flickr. :0)

I'll be posting more info on commission services and openings when I get closer to being ready for visitors.